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Sama Foundation is powered with dedicated and experienced lawyers who offer unparalleled services.


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We are happy that we were able to provide our clients with whatever they need and meet their expectations.


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We are proud that we have one of the highest success rates in the country.


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The number shows that we have a strong presence when it comes to personal injury cases.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our dedicated and talented lawyers have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with intellectual properties.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

A special team of lawyers are available who are ready to provide you the best services in criminal law.

Legal Forms

Legal Forms

We have a special team that takes care of the creating and designing documents and legal forms according to the client requirements.



Bankruptcy is one of the hardest things to go through. Consult our firm, and we provide the best legal services in this particular issue.

Personal Injury

Injured by an accident? We can assure you that we will provide you the best services and get the highest compensations.

Personal Injury
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Consult us before estate planning and make sure to get the legal details sorted out.

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Banking Law

Expert teams who are specialized in banking laws are ready to provide the best services.

Health Law

We have specialists who deal with health laws on a daily basis.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Laws are said to be very complicated. We have experienced lawyers who can offer great services.

Capital Markets

Our experts in the financial sector are at your disposal to offer the best services.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is known to be one of the most complicated. We have lawyers working all around the globe to deal with these issues.

Tax Law

Our experts in the finance sector are also well versed in this area. They provide the best service and the solution.

Common Law

Our lawyers who are dedicated and experienced make sure to provide the services to the common people who approach us.

Labour Law

Violation of labor law is not acceptable. Our firm is dedicated to restoring the rights of every labor.

Our Blog

How to Determine If You Need a Lawyer


There are many legal issues that may need you to seek the services of a lawyer. For instance, you might consider engaging a lawyer if you foresee that your divorce might be nasty or hire a lawyer if you have been wrongfully terminated at your workplace. Here are some tips on how to determine if you need a lawyer.


How to Determine If You Need a Lawyer


1. A complex divorce


If a couple agrees on all the details of a divorce, you may not need to hire a lawyer. However, if the divorce involves investments, property, saving, debt, and child support, you must engage an attorney. Engaging a lawyer will make the terms of divorce binding, and any alteration or changes can only be done in a court.


2. Termination or discrimination in the workplace


In any employment contract, there are state and federal laws to be observed. However, an ordinary person may not understand all of them. Happily, an attorney can be able to understand the laws and determine if you have been wrongfully terminated or not.


3. Drug Charges


If you are facing drug charges, you need to hire a lawyer to represent you.

Drug charges are serious charges in any country, and the best way to have a good bargain is to involve a good lawyer.


4. Car accident


car accident


Car accidents are very common these days. Therefore, when injured in an accident, and you believe it is not your fault; the insurance might want to settle your case as soon as possible. If you want to have a fair compensation, do not engage the insurance representative without consulting a lawyer. Keep in mind that you might not be familiar with the traffic laws or compensation rates. But with a lawyer on your side, you can be assured to get full compensation.


5. Criminal charges


Facing a criminal charge might be so scaring to many people. In addition, you might not know your rights even if you are a suspect. And to be on the safe side and to have a fair trial, it is important to hire a lawyer. Whether you are guilty or not, hiring a lawyer is very essential.


6. When starting a business




Today, there are many requirements when starting a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company. If you want your business to be in line with the law, do not navigate the legal requirements alone. There are many rules and laws that govern a business. And only an attorney who understands the business laws can ensure you get everything right.


7. When drafting your will


Even though some people believe writing a will is a private matter, it is a must to engage an attorney. Since, you are making a will to ensure your family lives a peace even when you are gone, engaging a professional will offer advice and ensure everything is followed to the letter.

The above situations are just a few of areas where you need to hire a lawyer. But for small disputes, self-representation is also an option.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer


When it comes to legal matters, it is important to engage a lawyer. Even though some people may feel that hiring an attorney is a waste of money, it is so important to involve a lawyer when dealing with court problems. Here are ten reasons why hiring a lawyer might be the best decision.  10 Reasons to hire a lawyer


Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer


1. A lawyer will ensure you get good financial results


Some people fail to engage a lawyer because they feel it is expensive. They are scared that they may spend a lot of money. But it is important to note that a lawyer will ensure you get good results. However, ensure you get one who is within your budget.


2. It might be expensive when you represent yourself


Brunette Woman


It might be costly when you decide to represent yourself. For instance, if your case involves a financial problem, you may lose if you represent yourself. Also, you might be ordered by the judge to pay the other person some costs.


3. Your case might be complicated


Even if you see your case as a simple and straightforward case that you can easily handle it yourself, it might be complicated. If you do not know much about legal matters or you may not have time to learn about law, contracts, and court rules, you better hire a lawyer to represent you.


4. Your opponent might be having a lawyer


If your opponent is represented by a lawyer, you do not want to lose your case. Therefore, the best option is to hire a lawyer. Also, involving a lawyer will show your opponent that you are serious concerning the case.


5. When dealing with complex contracts


From estate planning to tax issues and business matters, it is wise to hire a lawyer when dealing with any contract. A lawyer will help to you prepare a contract, understand the legal terms, or advice you on how to take on the contract.



6. If you want everything ran and filed well


If you do not know how to handle things like documents, procedural problems, and anything that touches on legal cases, it is wise to hire an attorney. Keep in mind that a simple mistake can negatively impact your business or personal life.


7. If you want your things handled privately


There are many things that need to be handled privately. And the best individual who can help you do that is a lawyer. A lawyer will ensure you follow the law and still make your work confidential.


8. You need professional help


Apart from representing you on legal matters, a lawyer can offer professional advice. Whether you want to file a suit, to respond to a lawsuit or appeal your case, engaging an attorney can help.


9. You want solid advice


Unlike family members or friends, a lawyer is someone with knowledge concerning insurance laws, estate laws, company laws, and many others. Hence, you can get enough information before making a solid decision.


10. You want a favorable outcome


In any legal matter, everyone would want to have the best outcome. Hence, hiring a lawyer can ensure you have peace of mind when dealing with civil or criminal cases.


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