Family Support

You can get help even if your son or daughter isn’t ready for change.

Two-thirds of teens say that losing their parents’ respect and pride is one of the main reasons that they don’t smoke marijuana or use other drugs.

Whether your son or daughter has just experimented with marijuana for the first time, or you have tried everything to help your adult child with their significant substance abuse issues, SAMA can help.

Our research informed skills-based Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) parent groups provide support and direction about how to stay engaged positively with your loved one, while setting boundaries and finding opportunities to influence them towards healthy behaviors.


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Treatment schedule revised March 2014

 “We’ve been working on addiction issues for many years through AA, Al Anon and other programs,” say recent CRAFT participants John and Karen, “The CRAFT approach used by SAMA, however, gave us a new positive and effective way to communicate with an addicted family member. We are learning a kind and compassionate approach that targets specific behavior, shares responsibility and keeps us in a healthier relationship that we hope will ultimately lead to family sobriety.”

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