Early Intervention

Are you worried that your child may have used alcohol or other drugs?

SAMA offers information, support and skill building through an early intervention group for parents of young teens. Early Intervention for Families is an interactive seminar for parents of young teens who have experimented with drugs and alcohol. The purpose of the series is to arm parents with the skills and information that will help prevent early signs of drug and alcohol use from progressing into abuse or addiction. Parents can expect to learn…

  • The WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY of teen substance use today.
  • Is it normal teen behavior or the warning signs of a serious problem?
  • If you discover that your teen is using drugs or alcohol, what do you DO about it?
  • Useful problem solving exercises and communication strategies.
  • What to say when your kids ask, “Did you ever use drugs?”

Treatment schedule revised March 2014

Families who are interested in SAMA’s parent programs can find out more by calling (206) 328-1719 and speaking to a family clinician.

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