Unleashing thespirit of creativity,to move towardsthe best and root theCulture of innovation.


ability to achieveobjectives of the Foundationaccording to the time plan.


Applying the principlesof quality to the workof the institution andthe quality projects thatare being implemented.


teamwork preferenceas a basis for successof work and projects.

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Sama’s impact:

103 +Number of Students
239 +Training Hours
22 +Students
304 +Guidance Hours Personal Projects

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Sama pioneers:

We support graduates with creative ideas and projects to launch their social initiatives, start-ups or projects by providing them with technical guidance and support.

Sama Scholarship for Undergraduates

Supports outstanding, visionary and active undergraduate students in their pursuit of higher education. The program includes daily living expenses, tuition fees, and a valuable intellectual skill program.

Sama Scholarship for Young People

Supports distinguished young people to complete their secondary studies, and increases the chances for them to obtain scholarships and university admissions in the best available universities by supporting their tuition fees and developing their personal skills.





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Partners and Supporters:

Be a partner with us in achieving community development and empowering students by supporting the scholarship program for undergraduates.