We are Sama Foundation

We support graduates with creative ideas and projects to unleash their social initiatives, start-ups or projects by providing them with technical guidance and support.

  • creativity
  • achievement
  • quality
  • teamwork
  • humility
  • freedom
  • originality

About us


Our message

 We seek and work to support the community by providing opportunities and support for young people and adolescents to develop their skills by combining higher education, creativity and values ​​to have an active role in building their communities.

Our purpose

To extend a helping hand to young people and adolescents to help them improve their quality of life and then their communities by opening horizons for their abilities and empowering them to build a balanced vision of life.

Our vision

 A leading global institution in building and empowering youth and adolescents as influential leaders inspired by science, creativity and values, capable of advancing their home and host communities.

Sama’s team

mahoud Member of the Board of Directors of the Same Foundation and one of the founders.

Malak Al Omari Communications coordinator and co-founder of Same Foundation

Hashem Al-Nouri Member of the Board of Directors of the Sama Foundation