Hashem Al-Nouri Member of the Board of Directors of the Sama Foundation

Member of the Board of Directors of Sama Foundation, during the past 22 years, Hashem has had the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and experience in many sectors such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and international NGOs, where he worked in several different functions such as business planning and development, marketing strategies, and analysis Financial, customer experience, and service design, in addition to developing training materials, implementing training, post-training programs, and developing healthcare strategy. In addition to the establishment of the International Medical Center Academy and a number of departments and jobs in several different projects, Hashem has a great passion in the field of preparing leaders and developing strategic and training programs, as he believes in the importance of the role of the future leader to change our current reality. HULT in Boston in addition to a Masters in Marketing from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Atlantic University, USA, with distinction. Noting that Hashem has been an HRDA certified trainer in the UK since 2005, in addition to taking a number of advanced leadership courses in the USA in both strategic leadership and operations management.