Malak Al Omari Communications coordinator and co-founder of Same Foundation

Communication coordinator and one of the founders of the Sama Foundation. She completed her BA in Media Industries and Technology from Northwestern University and majored in Political Science from Georgetown University. She has taken part in several leadership roles, being selected as a delegate for Northwestern University's “experience media global” program in Dubai and New York. Her academic success as an honors graduate and leadership experience gave her the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, California and work as a financial planner for the third largest insurance company in the states United - New York Life Company. Malak has a passion for helping others and for continuous learning and believes that education is the basis for any healthy, active and innovative society. She was very happy when she shared her great passion and vision to support young people and narrow the gap of academic education shortage as a result of the war in Syria with a specialized team in Istanbul, so she founded Sama Foundation with them. King loves exploration, travel, and adventure. She is a very sociable person and values ​​friendship and family because they are the essence of a happy life!