Saeed Al Omari Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Same Foundation and one of the founders.

Saeed is a businessman and industrial and manufacturing engineer. He completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas with honors in Tau Beta Pi And Alpha By Mo. His academic and professional success evolved into establishing his own small business in Saudi Arabia - Smarthome, Specialized in lighting and automation systems. Saeed is known for its high quality, not only on a professional level but also on the personal level. This was his golden ticket for managing projects of royal palaces and luxury hotels including Mövenpick in Riyadh and Mandarin Oriental in Istanbul. Saeed knows how hard he has worked to provide the best future for his family. but his passion By giving and helping others, he went beyond his close circle, where he founded the Sama Foundation to be the first project he dreamed of Saeed loves to read and research high tech systems. He is a very social person and enjoys seeking knowledge