Proceeding from the saying of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: The most beloved of deeds to God is the joy that you bring to the heart of a Muslim, we present the idea of ​​a humble initiative.

Kindergarten children from 4 years old to 6 years old

International Children’s Day 11/18/2021

150 children

  • Female students
  • Doaa Al Rajeel, Reem Al-Masry Hadeel Darwish, Ghalia ObaidFatima Al-Zahra Dalloul

Mrs. Ghada Abu Daqqa

Doaa Al-Rajeel, a sixth-year medical student, put forward the idea of ​​the activity, which is to examine the eyesight of children of the above-mentioned age group, believing in the need to pay attention to this group, especially with the lack of awareness by the parents or the school administration regarding this subject. This initiative was as a result of the self-experience with her children, her child’s visual impairment worsened as a result of the teacher not noticing him at school, and in order to ensure that our children enjoy good health after what they were exposed to during the war years, she suggested the idea of ​​the project to her partners of the Foundation’s students who showed their interaction with the project and their willingness to participate.

snellen plate160 Turkish Lira60 Turkish Lira
gifts for kids1505 Turkish Lira750 Turkish Lira
transportation50 Turkish Lira

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