Proceeding from the saying of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: The most beloved of deeds to God is the joy that you bring to the heart of a Muslim, we present the idea of ​​a humble initiative.

Narges Campaign

We all went through psychological compressions for different multiple reasonsIt is attractive to her that gently touches her letters on the heart of those who read it.

  1. Baccalaureate students who are close to examination time.
  2. University students who are at the close to start a new semester.
  3. Patients in hospitals.

1_ Ruba Sobeeh 2_ Fatima Sobeeh 3_ Raghad Hamwiyeh

4_ Fatima Khattabi  5_ Fatima Amouri 6_ Raghad Najjar

7_ Fatima Darwish 8_ Rola Dreb 9_ Raghad Shabib

10_ Safa Al-Obaid 11_ Bisan Khalil 12_ Ola Harami

13_ Marra Qebash

In the city of Atma

In the city of Idlib

لا تعليق

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